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Donate now to Sister-Corps!

To help individuals recover from a major disaster!


We need your help so we can help others!

Sister-Corps offers recovery phase relief efforts deploying volunteers to communities affected by natural disasters. In addition, Sister-Corps volunteers respond to local communities that are in need of short term non-life threatening relief efforts. Listen to some of those we've helped:

  • From Walter J. in Louisiana whose home was repaired by a team of six women: "Who are these women? Who are these angels that didn't know me, but who came in for four days and gave me back a home I can live in?"
  • From Gail in Florida: "Many volunteer groups had worked with me and 'Did what they could' and I am grateful for them......When Sister-Corps first visited me, I was in a very dark space in my life, giving up hope for recovery...... Sister-Corps lifted my life up physically and emotionally and kept on lifting and built a stable, practical, safe area for me to live.........
  • From Linda S. in Kentucky: Just when we thought no one else was coming to help...just when we had given came this group of women who really know how to work and they also listen to us talk about what happened."

Unless otherwise indicated, donations made to Sister-Corps are unrestricted which allows us to apply the funds to the program where they are needed most.

You can also mail a check to Sister-Corps - 1032 East 7th Street, Houston, Texas 77009