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See our Mission Statement below and see why we do what we do!

Sister-Corps offers recovery phase relief efforts deploying volunteers to communities affected by natural disasters. In addition, Sister-Corps volunteers respond to local communities that need short-term non-life-threatening relief efforts.

Volunteering with Sister-Corps is life-changing - not only for the recipients of our efforts but for the volunteers themselves. Last year we saw an increase in volunteers and anticipate even more this year. We're providing more training opportunities so we can deploy a skilled group of women ready to tackle every project. Our volunteers say they come because they feel blessed and want to help others. They pay their own way and many times the conditions are not ideal, but they work hard to do a great job for each person they help.

Listen to some of those we've helped:

  • From Willie in Mississippi whose home was damaged a year ago in a tornado: "We kept seeing workers go by but they didn't stop at our house. We just felt we were left behind. I'm just tickled to death and we care so much for all of you ladies coming out to help. I will never forget you!"
  • Pictures below show Willie's damaged home and their 'new' home, also damaged but in need of repairs to make it liveable. Family & friends gather to see the inside of the home that had a total re-hab and makeover, a new ramp installed along with a beautiful front porch built by Sister-Corps volunteers!
  • From Homeowner in Oklahoma when asked to evaluate the work on their house: "The ladies all worked really well together. They were precise about their work and asked us if we were pleased. I personally feel like they did an excellent job. I felt really blessed!"
  • From Gail in Florida: "Many volunteer groups had worked with me and 'Did what they could' and I am grateful for them......When Sister-Corps first visited me, I was in a very dark space in my life, giving up hope for recovery...... Sister-Corps lifted my life up physically and emotionally and kept on lifting and building a stable, practical, safe area for me to live.........

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