Help us prepare for future deployments of the 'angels' of Sister-Corps!

Sister-Corps volunteers are needed in so many places - and we need your help to make that happen!

Help us prepare for future deployments of the 'angels' of Sister-Corps!  image

Thank you for your ongoing support - We need your help again!

Join Our Spring ‘Replenish’ Campaign

We want to begin by thanking all our donors and volunteers who have been faithful partners with us on our mission to help rebuild and repair homes for disaster survivors. One of our goals is to increase our volunteer base AND increase donations to enable us to help even MORE people who will need us in the future.

Will you consider at least one of these two things?

1. Join our Monthly Giving Team by setting up a monthly donation that helps you budget your giving and helps us have a consistent amount to rely on. (Many have already set up $15, $25, and $50 a month) OR

2, Make a one-time donation to help us replenish funds recently used in Mississippi and Oklahoma.

***********We also have Apple Pay and Google Pay available. Use Safari browser for Apple Pay, and Google Chrome for Android devices.

Exciting News! For those who want additional ways to support Sister-Corps, we offer new options - Bank, Venmo, Crypto, Stocks, and Donor Advised Funds. This is made available through a partnership with

For those options, click on this link: NEW WAYS TO DONATE